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8th July 2022

For those who want to know more on how the Millennium Green is governed, see the new Constitution & Administration page, where the Deed of Trust, Annual Accounts and AGM Minutes are available. 

7th July 2022

Click on this link to see the latest amazing complete list of species of flora and fauna, compiled by Trustee John Grearson, that has been sighted on the Millennium Green since its establishment .

25th July 2017

John Grearson carried out a butterfly count at the Millennium Green as part of the UK Butterfly Conservation’s “Big Butterfly Count”.  It was particularly productive this year; John’s report follows:

“I carried out two Big Butterfly Counts at the Green today. Conditions were ideal with full sun and 23ºC, the Cuckoo Pen has the best display of Knapweed that I have ever seen there but a little less Oregano than usual, these being the best butterfly attractors we have. Each count has to take place over a 15 minute period and you have to record the highest total of each species avoiding double-counting of the same individual if possible. There were also large numbers of bees present on the flowers today.

The count in the Cuckoo Pen totalled 33 of 8 species (Meadow Brown 8, Common Blue 6, Gatekeeper 11, Peacock 4, Brimstone 1, Small Copper 1, Large White 1 and Silver-Y Moth 1). There were also 2 Brown Argus present, a butterfly species not included in the BBC because they are tricky to identify. These and the Common Blue have been recorded at the Green previously but not last year.

The count in the pond area includes the Buddleia bushes and the other plants in the pond margins like Purple Loosestrife. 16 butterflies of 7 species were found there (Meadow Brown 5, Red Admiral 5, Peacock 1, Gatekeeper 2, Large White 1, Painted Lady 1 and Comma 1). The best of these was Painted Lady, a migrant which has arrived in small numbers this year. Both counts were a distinct improvement on last year.

16th March 2017

The Ron Thomas Orchard was planted in February as a community asset. It has a mix of eating and cider apples, pears and a crab apple.  Many thanks to all those in the village who have sponsored trees.  We hope to make further planting as funds permit.

1st July 2014

John Grearson continues to record visitors to the Millennium Green

Large Skipper butterfly


Comma butterfly


Ten-spot Ladybird.



Rare visitor to the Millennium Green

18th June 2014.   This Hoopoe was first spotted by Peter Wright and then photographed in a tree at the corner of the Cuckoo Pen on 16th June by John Grearson.  The Hoopoe is a rare visitor to the UK from mainland Europe.  It explodes into a vision of black, white and pink when it takes flight and has this flamboyant crest that it can erect when it is feeling really flashy.


Spring Has Sprung!

18th April 2014.   More excellent photographs of observations by John Grearson, who reports lots of tadpoles in the pond, butterflies and bumble bees everywhere.

Cuckoo Flower or Lady's Smock

Cuckoo Flower or Lady’s Smock

Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry




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