The Ron Thomas Orchard

Within the Millennium Green, a new community orchard was planted in early 2017 and named after one of the founding trustees.

RT Orchard

  1. Crab Apple: John Downie
  2. Apple: Ellisons Orange
  3. Apple: Laxton’s Superb
  4. Pear: Louise Bonne de Jersey
  5. Apple: Herefordshire Russet
  6. Cider Apple: Ellis Bitter
  7. Cider Apple: Kingston Black
  8. Pear: Conference
  9. Pear: Merton Pride
  10. Pear: Onward
  11. Cider Apple: Yarnington Mill
  12. Cider Apple: Chisel Jersey
  13. Apple: Ashmeads Kernel
  14. Apple: Jumbo
  15. Apple: James Grieve
  16. Apple: Worcester Permain

Several of these trees have been funded by the generosity of individual villagers and it is hoped to add more trees in the future.