Get Involved

The Millennium Green needs your support.  You can provide this by getting involved in a number of ways:

  • Help out when there is work to be done.  If you would like to lend a hand when we have a tree-planting or other conservation task, let us know by using the Feedback/Contact Us page. Once you are on our list of volunteers, we can contact you when we need another pair of hands.

  • Become a Trustee of the Millennium Green.  If you would like to take a part in the management of the project, again Contact Us via the website.  There are generally only 2-3 meetings per year, including the AGM in May.  There are no specific qualifications for the job, just an interest in wildlife and a desire to support the community.

  • Contribute to the Trust.  The Trust has little regular income yet there are annual costs involved in the management of the grass and hedgerows.  Please donate via Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer.  We will also plant a tree in memory of your loved ones, with their name(s) annotated in a remembrance book.  Use the Contact Us page to find out how to contribute to the Trust.  

  • Finally, visit the Green and enjoy it!




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